Who am I?

I am a third year fashion student at Shenkar College of engineering and design in Israel. 

I am 26 years old, and the last three years have been very important to my development as a designer and person.

Since being 3 years old, I remember myself drawing on a newly painted wall at my parents' house, decorating and cutting mine and my sister's clothes, wanting to make things around me beautiful in my eyes. 

Lucky me, my parents were never cross with me, and they even encouraged me to create and use my imagination as much as possible. My mother is an amazing interior designer with passion and an open mind and my father is a dentist with a crazy precision and patience. So, I took some of those qualities and reinforced them with love of my brother and two sisters. Family is very important to me, it inspires me. We travelled a lot all together with my maternal grandparents. 

My grandfather was an industrial designer and an amateur fisherman. He taught me to fish in Swedish and Finnish lakes and told me wonderful stories. One of my projects- "Something to run with" was inspired by the fishing experience of my childhood.  I cherish personal experiences and they make me create. 

Music has a special influence on me and is an important part of my creative process; it connects me to different cultures and people and enriches my personal world. 

I feel that there is a strong impact of clothes on a person, who is wearing them and on the people surrounding this person. Clothes provide you confidence, protection and a glimpse into your soul. 

I think as a future fashion designer it is very important to develop a personal language which is, in my opinion, a result of all the above.